Poppycock Place
Poppycock Place Village

home of the Village Folk


A cartoon drawing showing the 5 Bio-Teks and two pets, a snake and a dog.

NASA had a successful failure. Seven sophisticated Bio-Teks (5 "human-robots" and 2 "pet-robots"), were created for a deep space mission. The money ran out, the spaceship was cancelled and these colourful characters moved out to live in the community and report back their experiences yearly. They set up 5 small businesses in adjacent shops, happily mixing with the neighbours, in a shopping village called Poppycock Place.


People lived there too, and came out onto the street on weekends to chat, trade homemade food and handi-craft. Most everybody knew somebody. The atmosphere was so friendly that singing, dancing and pantomime happened a lot in Poppycock Place. So much so, that the residents often formed theatre groups and produced stage musicals. And once a year they banded together to present a block-buster Mardi-Gras which attracted big crowds from all over the city.

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